Heavy Metal Android Queen  ~  Music & Lyrics by: Michael Briney  ~ Middle Class Records

Verse 1:

    Things were great babe, why’d you change? I wasn’t ready for this.
    You turned cold and the story got old, just like I knew it would.
    You left that day, I begged you to stay, what more can I say?
    You loved the Metal Clubs late at night. Fascinated by the sounds and sights.

Pre-Chorus 1:

    Lipstick glare, wild long hair, short skirts to wear. She can’t wait to be seen………

Chorus 1:

    She’s the Heavy Metal Android Queen... With fire in her eyes
    Heavy Metal Android Queen... Vicious and Mean

Verse 2:

    I saw you with other guys, how much more can I take?
    I try to forget having no regrets, can’t get you out of my head!

Pre-Chorus 2:

    Wires for veins, circuits for brains, feeling of cold steel. Such an awesome machine!

Chorus 2:

    She’s the Heavy Metal Android Queen... With seductive eyes
    Heavy Metal Android Queen... Beware of her lies!!!!


    Seeing our lives together, thought it would last forever,
    All the good times we had that you could treat me this bad.

    Guitar Solo
    Musical Interlude

Pre-Chorus 3:

    Lies and deceit, she’s in heat. She will dare, to have another affair!

Chorus 3:

    She’s the Heavy Metal Android Queen... With looks that kill.
    Heavy Metal Android Queen... She’s a suicide pill!!

    Heavy Metal Android Queen Yeah
    You know who you are!!!!
    Come on baby, come clean….
    I don’t need you babe.  I’m outta here!

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From the debut CD “Celebrity” © Culture Shock July 2010 - For digital or sync licensing requests, please contact Eddie “Sea” Caldwell @ Music of the Sea @ eddiesea@musicofthesea.com

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