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    Aug 26, 2017 5pm

    Drifterz Block Party

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    Culture Shock began at the turn of this new millennium (2000).  We are a group of individual musicians from Northeast Ohio that have come together in pursuit of a common cause; to bring culture back to music and to bring you an artwork with the music that lives in each of us.

    Our purpose is to tell a story and evoke emotions with our music.  This is our lives symphony and we take great pride in what we're creating. 
    We have recently partnered with Knightstalker Records. Both Indie labels Middle Class Records and Knightstalker Records look forward to this partnership to produce and release our “artwork”.


    A bit of History:
    Culture Shock started as Kimberly Wilson’s phone number on a piece of paper that sat for a year or more in a candleholder at Michael Briney’s apartment.  From humble roots as a five piece cover band beginning in the year 2000 in Canton, Ohio consisting of Michael, Kimberly, Gene Lesnewski, Don Aukerman, and Drew Miller, over the years we’ve gone through several member changes (with Doug Rozenek replacing Drew in early 2001 and Gene & Don leaving the band in 2004) and as many ups and downs personally and professionally. 

    In 2003 Kimberly Wilson became Kimberly Rozenek and in 2005 Beverly Richards and John Borzea joined the band.  This line-up set the ground work for the release of the debut CD “Celebrity” which is available here on our website or through your favorite music download sites.

    In 2012 Culture Shock went back into the studio to begin recording our second CD “Stop and Hear the Music”.  Over the course of the next 5 years several more obstacles were thrown in our way; but we kept on working. 

    In February 2017, Adrian Muica joined the band as our new Rhythm and Auxiliary Lead Guitarist. 

    As some of you may already know, in July 2017, Beverly Richards decided to leave the band to deal with many family and personal issues that have been weighing heavily on her.  We wish her the best in all her future endeavors!

    Through shear force of will or stubborn bullheadedness, depending on your perspective, we have persevered and are still rockin’.  Currently the band is finishing the final mix-down and mastering of “Stop and Hear the Music” and polishing the stage show in anticipation of our long awaited return to the stage!


  • Doug Rozenek
  • Kimberly Rozenek
  • Michael Briney
  • John Borzea
  • Adrian Muica

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