Anachronism  ~  Music & Lyrics by Doug & Kim Rozenek  ~  Middle Class Records

Verse 1:

    (Can you all just pay attention?)
    Until the end of this Song?
    (Listen up move to the music!)
    Turn off your phones and fall into our web.
    Unending freedom from the daily dredge.
    Remain in your seats or get up and (dance!)
    Everyone (please pay attention) give us a chance!

Verse 2:

    (Show of hands) who’s had a bad day?
    (Hold On) it’s all better now!
    Open your mind and leave your troubles behind.
    Can you all hear what we’re trying to (say?)


    (Keep Up!)

Verse 3:

    Couple of drinks for the lonely hearted
    Under their breath muttering (“I Want Love”)
    (Look here and join in on the fun.)
    Time to forget the things you’re running from.
    Unwind your mind and let yourself go.
    Refresh your body, spirit, mind and (soul).
    Everyone please pay attention, (give us a chance).

Verse 4:

    (Show of hands) who had a great day?
    (Hold On) they’re fleeting in time.
    Open your mind and leave your troubles behind
    Carefully listen we had something to say...(We’ll)

Chorus 2:

    (Keep on moving forward) So try to Keep Up.

     Anachronism – an error in chronology; esp: a chronological misplacing of persons events, or objects or customs in regard to each other. A person or thing that is chronologically out of place; esp: one from a former age that is incongruous in the present.

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