Unspoken Heroes ~  Music & Lyrics by: Doug Rozenek  ~  Middle Class Records

Verse 1:

              I’ve learned a lot, from the two of you.
              How to love, and how to live…..
              But the greatest gift, that you’ve ever given me
              is your time.

Verse 2:

              And you watched me, as I grew up.
              As we grew up family.
              And when my world came crashing to the ground,
              You were there.


              You’re the Unspoken Heroes.
              You’re the ones who saved the day.
              You’re my parents, and I love you…
              You were there.


Verse 3:

              Through my teenage years, I wasn’t kind.
              I gave you both yeah, a lot of grief.
              But through it all, you never gave up on me,
              You were there.

Chorus - Chorus

    You were there through thick and thin
    Yeah you were there whenever I needed a friend
    You were there … Ohhhh over and over again.
    You were there… OH yes you were!!!

    You are The Unspoken Heroes…
    (repeat, fade-out)

From the upcoming CD ”Stop and Hear the Music” © Culture Shock ~  For digital or sync licensing requests, please contact Eddie “Sea” Caldwell @ Music of the Sea @ eddiesea@musicofthesea.com

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