Working for the Man  Lyrics by: Michael Briney & Beverly Richards  Music by: Michael Briney  ~  Middle Class Records

Verse 1:

    Six AM comes the morning light,
    feeling worn down from the previous night.
    On the highway my anxiety builds,
    Can I make it through the day?
    As I clock in bad news fills my ears,
    Not what I wanted to hear.
    The day has just started and nothing is right.
    That’s what I feared the previous night.


    Some people say….. Be glad you’ll have pay…. Cuz
    (Be glad you’ll have pay…. Cuz)


    (I’m working for the man, )
     Is this guy for real?
    (I’m working for the man)
    Massive ego made of steel.

Verse 2:

    The man’s on a rampage, our heads on his plate.
    Deliveries late & the vendors complain.
    The day is so long it’s not nothing like fun.
    I knew the T.P.S. would never get done.


    They say life’s like a ride, I feel like homicide, Cuz
    (I feel like homicide, Cuz)

Chorus 2:

    (I’m working for the man)
    He makes Scrooge look like a stooge
    (I’m working for the man)
    Intimidation no inspiration


    (Make those parts!)
    Huh!Not enough time!
    (Load those trucks!)
    Huh!I’m still on break.
    (Finish that report!)
    Well!You can go to hell!!

Chorus 3:

    Because I’m working for the man
    With delusions of god-hood
    (I’m working for the man.)
    He’s never wrong.
    I’m working for the man
    I am no fan

    Is there no end in sight?
    (Oh Yeah)
    I Quit

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